1. This promotional offer is administered by VRE Travel. These offers are not valid in conjunction with any other offers and may not be used by any company or individual involved in any way with its distribution.
  2. Accommodation is subject to availability. The promotional offer is for two, three or seven nights*
  1. Some of our resorts may or may not meet your requirements. Therefore, it is for each party travelling to inform us in advance of any handicaps which need to be taken in consideration. VRE Travel does not accept liability if this information is not disclosed during your reservation.
  1. Please be advised once you have booked your flight, if not through us, you must contact us with your full flight details a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to your travel date. Your chosen destination requires your flight details for confirmation to secure your reservation. Failure to do so could result in either your holiday being cancelled or extra charges being incurred.
  2. No couples can be travelling either the week prior or after, unless agreed by VRE Travel.
  3. The person making the booking must be over 35 years of age, and accept responsibility that all personal information (homeowners, ages, employment, etc.) disclosed to the company for all members travelling in the party is to be true.  False information is cause for full accommodation costs above the promotional offer to be incurred or cancellation of the holiday.
  4. The couple accepting the promotional offer is required to attend a presentation** one morning or afternoon of their time with our travel consultation who will explain the benefits of our system. An appointment will be made for you during your stay at your chosen resort.
  1. You are required to notify us of any changes to your holiday ownership i.e. change of Timeshare product or sale of Timeshare product. Failure in supplying VRE Travel with these changes could result in either your holiday being cancelled, or extra charges being incurred whilst on resort.
  2. VRE Travel , if required for any reason or due to unforeseen circumstances, has the right to change your booked resort to another of equal standard.




*Additional weeks can be acquired by paying the full rental fee if agreed.

**If you fail to attend this presentation, you shall be liable to pay the full rental cost for your accommodation for the duration of your stay.